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Jintai Drilling Rigs

Jintai is an industry leading company based in China that specializes in producing foundation equipment which has over a 100 year track record of excellence.


With almost 2 dozen patents filed under their name in recent years, Jintai is committed to continuous research and development to improve efficiency and effectiveness for their customers.


SD 20/22/25

The SD20/22/25 Hydraulic drilling rigs originated from the demand of markets and clients.

In order to meet various demands, optimization of the medium and small level rigs with parallelogram structure was made. The well matching of undercarriage, winches, mast height, and rotary head torque makes various output performances.


SD 30 / SH32

The SD30 and SH32 are the latest development from the famous Jintai SD28.

SH30 has increased capabilities achieved by enlarging engine power, advanced hydraulic system to enhance the power efficiency, and also through optimum design to properly readjust the counterweight resulting in effective balance from pull down and pull up force and therefore improving the ability for penetration in rock formation.



SG60B is developed on the SG60A and has an optimized hydraulic system that improves effective power output and slotting efficiency which also leads to increased fuel efficiency. The main winch is also located at the optimal position to ensure a reasonable amount of stress on the machine. The main valve is located on the side of the chassis which allows for easy maintenance. The counterweight combination design for the machine allows for easy moving, assembly, disassembly, and also transportation.



The model SG70 hydraulic diaphragm wall grab uses the imported Cummins QSM11 engine. It has a Tier 3 emissions standard, is more powerful, less noisy, and more stable.

The SG70 uses two winches. This design improves lifting and falling speed and also efficiency. SG70 uses an advanced monitoring system that can record and save grab work data.


SH36 / 38

SH36 is one of Jintai’s most famous products. Known for its high efficiency and cost effectiveness, it has a good reputation within the market and also great competitiveness.

The SH38 is the new high performance product which was designed based on the SH36’s excellent market response and customer requirements. The SH36 is the first machine to achieve the 3 meter diameter pile in China. Compared with the SH36, the SH38 has improved stability, bigger rotation torque, and a heavier winch lifting ability.

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