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Image by Scott Blake

Our goal is to assist the construction industry by providing the most cost-effective machinery for improved construction timeline and lower costs thus making it possible for our customers to complete projects faster at a more profitable rate.

CMAC Sdn Bhd is a trading company that deals with the sales, rental and service of heavy construction equipment, such as drilling rigs, crawler cranes and vibro hammers.


As a leader in the foundation equipment industry with over 20 years of experience, we strive to continue providing customers with quality machinery at competitive prices.

We aspire to provide an avenue which allows more sustainable purchases and rental that lead to shorter construction time.

By providing cost-effective machinery through sales, rental, and services, construction companies will gain access to an arsenal of heavy machinery that would speed up construction.


Additionally, CMAC Sdn Bhd is supported by a world class sales service team that is dedicated to supporting our valued customers.


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